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Demerit Points QLD

Demerit points are part of the criminal penalty which will be imposed upon a licenced motorist for any traffic offence or traffic violation committed by the motorist. Demerit points are recorded on the licence of the offending driver.

Each traffic offence has a commensurate number of demerit points. For instance, driving beyond the speed limit in excess of 45 km/h carries with it the penalty of six (6) demerit points; negligent driving carries three (3) demerit points.

Demerit points are not only recorded for major traffic offences. They are also imposed for minor traffic infractions. If you are caught following the car in front of you too closely, one (1) demerit point will be recorded upon your licence. Driving at night or in dark conditions without putting on your headlights will earn you one (1) demerit point. Improperly turning will earn you one (1) demerit point.

What happens is that each time your licence is renewed every three years the number of demerit points will be summed up. If you incur a total of twelve up to fifteen points within the three years, your licence will be suspended for three (3) months. This means that you cannot drive for three months.

If you accumulate sixteen to nineteen demerit points within a three year period, your licence will be suspended for four months. If you rack up between seventeen to twenty demerit points for three years, your licence will be suspended for five months.

The suspension brought about by the accumulation of demerit points will be imposed by the Road Transport Authority. This is separate and distinct from the automatic suspension of your licence imposed by the police once you are arrested for a traffic offence. This is also over and beyond the disqualification which will be ordered by the Magistrate’s Court upon the motorist as a penalty consequent to a conviction for a traffic offence.

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