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Special Range Drink Driving QLD

The Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act Queensland provides for special license categories such as the learner and probationary drivers and drivers of heavy vehicles and public transportation vehicles (taxi, bus, train, tram).

The special range drivers of these vehicles must maintain a zero BAC which means no alcohol at all. Learner and probationary drivers are usually neophyte drivers who are just learning to drive. Drivers of buses, taxis, trains and the like must be fully alert during driving because being providers of public transportation a lot of lives depend on their driving.

Due to the danger they pose on other road users as well as the surrounding areas and persons of the public road, heavy vehicle drivers must maintain a zero alcohol level in their system.

Violations of the BAC limit will result to demerit points, fines, disqualification from driving and possibly imprisonment. The disqualification will hit hard the drivers who make a living out of their driving like those in the business of public transportation. For these drivers they can apply to the court for a restricted work license by attesting that the disqualification will put hardship on his family.

Drink driving offences are considered "Major Offences" under the law and thus attract heavy fines, periods of licence disqualification and possibly terms of imprisonment.

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