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Burglary Robbery Offenses

Burglary and robbery are both theft related crimes; however, they differ to a large extent based on the execution of the theft.

Robbery refers to the act of theft from a person, with the victim being aware of the act at the time of the theft, and usually involves violence, or threats of violence towards the victim.

A bag snatching, where a robber grabs a person’s (usually a woman’s) bag and runs off with it, is a good example of robbery. Another example would be an armed holdup at a store.

Burglary, on the other hand, does not involve the presence of a victim at the time of the crime. An example of burglary would be a theft from a storage warehouse at night, when no one is present at the warehouse. Another example would be a break and enter at a residential property when the residents are not home. As burglary does not usually involve violence – and any violence that does occur is not directed towards a person (instead, it may be property damage) – the charges are usually less than what occurs for robbery. Regardless, the penalties for both burglary and robbery are still very serious under the Criminal Code (QLD), so it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. 

The maximum penalty in Queensland for burglary is a 14 years period in prison. If the person enters a building by breaking in or the offence happened at night and the burglar uses threatening behaviour with the intention of being violent or pretends he or she is armed with a weapon that is dangerous or offensive a prison sentence could be imposed. If there is more than one person present at the time of the burglary, or the person damages property or threatens to damage property the penalty could be a maximum of life imprisonment. None of these penalties are light so if you get caught in the act of burglary or robbery then you will have a hard time getting the charges dismissed. You will need a lawyer to defend you in court otherwise you are likely to get a severe penalty including a long spell in jail.

This article provides basic information only and is not a substitute for a professional or legal advice. Being involved in the criminal or police process can be quite demanding, rigorous, and time consuming. Hiring the right criminal lawyers can often make a substantial difference in your case.

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