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Predatory Driving in QLD

Predatory driving is considered as a serious offense in Queensland. Other states in Australia have specifically provided for predatory driving in their laws. In Queensland, though not provided for would still be covered under the serious traffic offenses.

In QLD predatory driving is defined as driving in pursuit or travelling near another vehicle that causes or threatens an impact involved another vehicle which is intended to cause actual bodily harm. This definition of predatory driving is closely similar to dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm or death under Queensland laws.

Dangerous driving is committed under Criminal Code 328A when a person operates, or in any way interferes with the operation of a motor vehicle dangerously in any place. Predatory driving is a dangerous way of driving a motor vehicle. It interferes with the safe operation of a motor vehicle which causes injury or harm to the person in the other vehicle.

Drink driving offences are considered "Major Offences" under the law and thus attract heavy fines, periods of licence disqualification and possibly terms of imprisonment.

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