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Driving while disqualified or unlicenced

Driving without license is prohibited and may result to an infringement notice or being charged in court for unlicensed driving.

The penalties for this offense are a fine of $4,400 or 1 year imprisonment.

A person commits the offense of driving without license because of the following reasons:

  • it has expired and has not been renewed before expiration;
  • Queensland driver’s license has been cancelled or suspended because the driver has been found to be medically unfit to drive safely;
  • Failure to hold the class license for the vehicle being driven;
  • Driver’s license has been voluntarily surrendered;
  • License has been suspended for failure to pay fines, accumulation of demerit points or high speed offense;
  • Disqualification due to a drink driving or drug driving offence;
  • Disqualification from holding or obtaining a driver’s license;
  • After the period of disqualification driver has not obtained a driver’s license prior to driving again;
  • Driver has never had a driver’s license.

Drink driving offences are considered "Major Offences" under the law and thus attract heavy fines, periods of licence disqualification and possibly terms of imprisonment.

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